IICAQM 2022 Online Competitions

Greetings from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) & IICAQM 2022!


We are glad to bring to your kind attention that IIT Madras, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kharagpur, Australian National University (Australia), University of Bath (UK), Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand), Mahidol University (Thailand) and University of California, Riverside(USA) are jointly organizing the ‘7th Indian International Conference on Air Quality Management (IICAQM 2022): Measurement, Modelling, Health Risk and Public Policy’ during 29th November – 1st December 2022 at IIT Madras, Chennai, India.


As part of IICAQM 2022, IITM in association with the Clean Environment and Planetary Health in Asia (CEPHA) Network are organising online competitions for school and college students. The competitions are divided into three categories:


Category I : Creative Drawing (Upto 14 years)

Topic: Air pollution & impact on the environment

Total number of participants: 381


First position: Vishwika Khandelwal, Class IX, SBOA – JC, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Second position: Divyadharshini, Class IV, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Tamil Nadu



Third position: K Kavyashree, Class IX, SBOA – JC, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Category II : 1-min Video (15 – 18 years)

Topic: Air pollution prevention & role of the community

Total number of participants: 37


First position: S Shiren, Class XI, SBOA – JC, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Second position: Akshitha Chelladurai, Class IX, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Tamil Nadu


Third position: Nandu N, Class XI, EVHSS Elamanoor, Kerala


Category III : Technical Posters (19 years & above)

Topic: Indoor & outdoor air quality management

Total number of participants: 15


First position: Rahul M M C, Dr. R. Saraswathi, Malavan K, Manikandan S, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu


Second position: Muhammed Sabir, TKM CE, Kollam, Kerala


Third position: Ms. Chaitali Thali, Dr. Priti Vishnu Kubal and Mr. Nandhakumar S.K., IIT Madras


Kindly refer to the attached poster and guidelines for further details.


Note: The students will not be charged any fees to attend this event, however, they will get an E-certificate for participation.



IICAQM 2022 – competitions poster & guidelines



Technical Session 1: Air Quality Measurement & Monitoring


First position: Abhishek Penchala, IIT Kharagpur

Title: Measurement of particulate matter levels in and around the mining area using low-cost sensors


Second position: Kanagaraj Rajagopal, Delhi Technological University

Title: Measurements of size resolved nano particle concentration and its distribution in polluted urban environment during induced fire work event


Technical Session 2: Source Apportionment and Emission Inventory


First position: Manuj Sharma, IIT Tirupati

Title: Chemical characteristics, source apportionment and health risk analysis of atmospheric particulates at the urban-traffic site in Vijayawada city, Andhra Pradesh India


Second position: Savitha Ulavi, SJCE Mysore

Title: Assessment of factors influencing visibility for south Indian heritage city


Technical Session 3: Applications of Modelling tools in Air Quality Management


First position: Udita Gupta, Gautham Buddha Univeristy, Uttar Pradesh

Title: Analysis of PM10 and PM2.5 concentration under transport policies and statistical modelling


Second position: Naina Gupta, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

Title: Modeling the effects of vehicular traffic on PM2.5 using artificial neural networks


Technical Session 4: Policy and Environment


First position: Dr. Amit Passi, IIT Madras

Title: Investigation of occupational thermal comfort in urban subway stations


Second position: Sarup Das, IIT Madras

Title: Long-term health effects of PM2.5 due to agricultural biomass burning in Mandya district, Karnataka


Technical Session 5: Indoor Air Quality-Measurement, Modelling, and Control


First position: Gopika Chandran, CET Trivandrum

Title: Assessment of airborne bacteria near sewage treatment plant


Second position: Samridhi Dwivedi, Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow

Title: Exposure vulnerability assessment towards indoor air pollutants: A case study



Technical Poster Presentation


First position: Supriya Dey, Sayantan Sarkar, IIT Mandi

Title: 3D fluorescence-PARAFAC fingerprinting of aqueous brown carbon in the eastern Indo-Gangetic plain


Second position: Alok Kumar Thakur, Marina E. Vance, Sameer Patel, IIT Gandhinagar

Title: Performance assessment of low-cost particle sensor by evaluating the size-resolved scattering intensity